Should I start coding? Best tips for beginners.

Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…
Because it teaches you how to think
-Steve Jobs


Want to become a web developer, you do not know how and where to start. Today there are many books, evening schools, online courses, which are very good and at the same time many are free. Before you start learning I suggest that you read the following post „Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years“. You can not learn how to program for 21 days, learning is a process you start with the basics and as you go further you’ll learn something new every day.

Is Computer programming hard to learn? No it’s not, it’s the art of breaking down problems to bunch of simple tasks as explained in this video.

In this post I’ll write some of good online sites for learning how to code.

There are many youtube channels that are also great.

My personal favorite is kudvenkat, I watched lot’s of his videos and I learned a lot from him.

If you ever stuck at something and can’t find an answer you can always go to StackOverflow or GitHub and ask questions.

The most important thing is to have patience and the will to succeed, the results will come by themselves. I wish you all the luck and if at least one person starts to learn encode after reading this I will be happy.

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