My top 6 sites for learning and improving your programming skills

Learning to code can be a tedious process, but online learning has sprung up to make coding education easier and accessible to everyone.

1. Codecademy (free)
Ideal for absolute beginners because it gives the possibility to try out some code and gain logical way of thinking without worrying about setting up the environment.
Excellent for practice and figuring out how things work on your own. It also gives you useful directions and explanations as well as very simple exercises.

2. CodeSchool (free for some courses and monthly payment of membership fees)
With slogan ‘learn by doing’ and learning paths, CodeSchool helps you to get some general idea and knowledge about the chosen technology and a chance to learn and improve your skills step by step. Concept is simple, watching a few videos, solving some exercises, and so on to the end of the course

3. PluralSight (monthly payment of membership fees)
It has a huge library of courses for different skill levels and subjects to learn ranging from the general topics to a very specific ones. I like their lecturers who are very interesting and able to transfer knowledge well

4. Coursera (all materials are completely free, certifications are paid)
Offers you to learn online from the lecturers of the world’s best universities about different kinds of topics. All materials, including video lectures and written documents are completely free. But you have to watch out for schedule and deadlines and do all your assessments on time if you want to earn a valuable certificate.

5. edx
Free online courses from the world’s best universities. I was watching my very first programming course on this site – CS50

6. Udemy (payments per course)
A lot of courses helps you to gain skills of building real world applications from scratch

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

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