Earn money with Spreadshirt

Today there are many possibilities to make your own system and earn money, one of the options is to integrate your system with other popular systems and get earnings from them.

Popular sites that allows this

functionalities are Youtube, Amazon and many others, from my experience I recommend Spreadshirt system.

You can register on Spreadshirt and create your own shop, upload your image designs, design your own t-shirts and sell it to clients.

If you do not want use Spreadshirt system for your clients you can integrate all Spreadshirt functionalities into your system and offer it to clients all arond the world.

There is Spreadshirt api and you can use it, usage is simple, can be used in almost all programming languages, also for popular programming languages there is SDKs and libraries, for other less popular you can use standard REST api web requests.

What we can have on our system and what we can offer our clients if we integrate it with Spreadshirt?

  • Creating shop functionality
  • Uploading your/clients designs (images that will be printed of specific product)
  • Choose article for printing (more than 150 cool predefined articles such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, phone & tablet accessories and many others)
  • Combine your designs and predefined articles into one article that will be sold
  • Get earnings for each sold article

Your clients will be able to open their own shop, shop will contain many different articles with printed images on it, clients can upload their designs and use it for printing, articles will be sold and you will get earnings from spreadshirt for each sold article.


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