5 Tips For Beginners In Design

Internet is full of tutorials and everything is easy to find if we want to learn. But not only learning basics and mastering programs for design is important, there are some other things to be aware of. Here are 5 tips for beginners.

1. Practice

In order for you to deal with your future projects you will have to master software like Photoshop.  There are tons of tutorials on the Internet and many other online lessons that you can see and apply them in practice. Start with easiest.

2. Master Photoshop

Photoshop is definitely a source of enhancing creativity. It all depends on your imagination.

3. Collect only what you need

Do not download all brushes and cliparts just ‘coz you like it. The reason is that they are maybe already incorporated with Photoshop. Your pc will become messy and disorganized. Focus only on what you need.

4. Classify

Once you decide to download some brushes or cliparts, be sure to classify them into separate folders so that you can find them easily while working on your project.

5. Find inspiration

Find different designers and follow their work. In this way you will get an idea of different kind of techniques and examples. Follow trends. Get inspired.

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