5 reasons why you should use WordPress as a platform for creating website

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. Using WordPress platform is the easiest way to build a website.

But more importantly;

Reason 1: It’s totally FREE, with many layouts / themes to choose from
– WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download or install, and there’s a huge community
who have designed beautiful themes and templates, making it easy to get going fast.

Reason 2: It’s VERY beginner-friendly
– WordPress can be expanded with free plugins to handle just about any site you can imagine – from gorgeous business pages to social networking sites.
With “plugins” you’ll be able to add contact forms, subscription forms, image galleries.

Reason 3: Small or Big site? Great for both.
-From basic blogs to beautiful business sites and online stores, WordPress can handle just about any kind of website.

Reason 4: Your site will be ‘responsive‘. Meaning it’ll work on mobiles & tablets, too.
-The website you build will instantly be responsive.

Reason 5: HUGE support and developer community available to help.
-WordPress has lots of free resources both available on Youtube and their support forum.

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